"Through painting I reveal nature's hidden patterns. I compose with colors and the flourishing rhythm of my brush."

Helsinki-based visual artist Marjo Hyvärinen explores nature and its diverse phenomena in her colorful works. Her way of expression often fluctuates between representational and abstract ways of presentation with a delicate impressionist approach.


2.6. - 30.6. 2022 

All those roads we haven´t found,  Gallery Artista, Kokkola

2.8. - 28.8. 2022 

Eloyhteisö, Galleria Akustiikka, Ylivieska

Inka Hannula, Marjo Hyvärinen, Ritva Kangas, Riitu Uosukainen

2.11. - 13.11. 2022 

Tempus Novum, Lab Master of art, Kaapelitehtaan puristamo, Helsinki