"Colors are often the basis of my entire painting process. I feel as if I am on an endless journey as I explore the behavior of color, light, darkness and shadows in different spaces.

Colors are children of light and darkness, they appear on the boundaries of light and dark, wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. I studied Goethe's Theory of Color for four years at the Snellman Academy, and I familiarized myself with the color theory of Josef Albers while studying at the Free Art School in Helsinki. I am also a synesthete. I perceive the music and poetry that inspires me as colors. I believe that colors are an integral part of my way of living

The most important themes I work with have to do with nature and creation, studying plant life, endangered animals and humanity through the art of painting. In the series in which I explore the annual cycle I study the playfulness of light during different months as well as during different times of day. In my nature-themed paintings I work as an interpreter between nature and man. The orangutans in the rainforests and the polar bears on a melting sheet of ice speak to humans directly.

At the moment I mostly work with painting. I am also very keen on sculpting. I have created sculptures from clay, wood and stone, of which stone has become the most dear to me. I come from a long line of stone sculptors, so perhaps this passion is written in my DNA."


Born 1974, Ylivieska, Finland

Lives and works in Helsinki




2021 -           LAB University of Applied Sciences, Master of Art, Lappeenranta

2009 - 2013 Snellman Academy, Pedagogy of Art, Helsinki, Finland

2002 - 2004 Nordic Art School, Kokkola, Finland

2001-2002 Free Art School, Helsinki, Finland

1995 - 1996 Art School Maa, Evening class, Helsinki, Finland


2014 - 2015 Writing school, Critical Academy, Helsinki, Finland

2018 - 2019 Songwriter course, Critical Academy, Helsinki, Finland


2022 All those roads we haven´t found, Gallery Artista, Kokkola, Finland

2021 Kasvinkumppani, Gallery MABD, Oulu, Finland

2020 What on earth? Cafe Bar Nro 9, Helsinki, Finland

2019 Garden, with Riitu Uosukainen, Varikko Gallery, Seinäjoki, Finland

2014 Symbols of the Virgin Maria, Church Laajasalo, Helsinki, Finland

2007 Temperature, Gallery Just, Turku, Finland

2007 Temperature, Capel Factory, Helsinki, Finland

2006 Nappikauppa, with Ella Tahkolahti, Studio Mezzo, Helsinki, Finland

2005 Kasvot - Faces, Gallery Majakka, Helsinki, Finland

2004 Time, with Nadia Mazzoni, Studio Mezzo, Helsinki, Finland

2000 Tunne tuoli, Gallery Arsis, Ylivieska, Finland



Ava Art Festival, Enokojima Art, Culture & Creative Center, Osaka, Japan

My Nature, Summer exhibition of Helsinki Artists´ Association Art Lending Services, Helsinki

Eloyhteisö, Group exhibition of 4 artists, Community Center Acoustics, Ylivieska, Finland

Art Tube I, 48 artists of Helsinki Artist´ Associations, Kadriorg Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia


The exhibition of Helsinki Artists´ Association, Gallery Katariina, Helsinki, Finland

Flying by the wind, Gallery Fogga, Helsinki, Finland

The year of beauty, The city theater of Vaasa, Vaasa, Finland


The year of love, The city theater of Vaasa, Vaasa, Finland

Heart roots, RaumArs, Seppä´s house, Rauma, Finland


Memory, Art lending of the Art Association of Helsinki, Taidelainaamo, Helsinki, Finland

Christmas Exhibition of Levy-yhteisö, Roihutila, Helsinki, Finland

Christmas Exhibition of Helsinki Artists´ Association, Gallery Katariina, Helsinki, Finland


Streaming, Gallery Fogga, Helsinki, Finland


Home for Christmas, Rööperin taidesalonki, Helsinki, Finland

Awareness, with Anne Nygård, Galleria Akustiikka, Ylivieska, Finland


Home for Christmas, Rööperin taidesalonki, Helsinki, Finland


Summer exhibition, Artists of Cable Factory, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland


Summer exhibition, Artists of Cable Factory, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland


Någonting annat, Artists of Capel Factory, Fengersfors, Sweden

Just me, with Anne and JP Nygård, Gallery Acoustics, Ylivieska, Finland


Art Performance, Beauty Club, Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland


2019- Helsinki Artists´ Association

2005- Muu ry


2020 RaumArs, Rauma, Finland